Trizon, founded in 2002, is a Utah-based corporation and is nestled in the sweet spot of “Silicon Slopes”, a U.S. hotbed of technology and innovation.  The origins of the company were born to improve upon inferior sales and marketing services offered to digital service providers.  Within four months, Trizon was recognized as the top producing company with the highest quality ratings in the markets it served.  Within the same initial 12-month period, overtures for Trizon to fill other roles in the digital bundled service industry lead to it expanding into technical fulfillment.  By the beginning of its second year of operations, again, recognition came for exceptional performance in meeting, and more commonly, exceeding industry metrics.

Trizon’s favorable reputation preceded it.  Other horizontals market opportunities came to Trizon from media service operator contacts.  The first, a Fortune 500 company, needed a trusted and reliable partner for order fulfillment and customer service.  Today, Trizon leverages its past success, combined with the best talent resources available, to continue offering a diverse client portfolio services in sales and marketing, customer service, business optimization, consulting, and all other functions related to business process outsourcing.