Outbound Call Center Services

When it comes to lead generation, appointment setting and more, Trizon will make your marketing outreach program a success.

The secret to our success is simple.  We work hard and place a priority on combining technology and professional resources.  We train our specialists in your business, products and culture, so that they represent your brand as effectively as your own staff when they’re calling, emailing, or chatting with your audience.  We know the value of a customer interaction and we also understand the value of customer loyalty.   We work with you to structure a marketing program that will generate the optimal results.

We provide you reports that will show quantitative data in a format that you can rapidly analyze and act on to meet the business objectives you established at the outset for your outbound program.

TCPA / TSR rules for B-C calling are always an area that requires attention.  Our Compliance team will help you understand requirements and determine how to approach your marketing outreach program to be in compliance while generating optimal results.

Examples of our outbound services include:

  • B-C lead generation
  • B-C Appointment setting
  • B-C lead verification
  • B-C Telesales
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Surveys and informational calls